Laser Tag

--- Overview ---

AStA-Kultur at HTW Berlin is organizing a Laser Tag Event for ALL those interested (including non-students).

The duration for each time slot is 60 minutes, starting at the top of the hour. 10 minutes before the start of the game, the briefing and the distribution of the equipment begins, so please arrive in good time (preferably 15 minutes before). A late appearance can unfortunately result in a reduced playing time. The maximum number of participants per time slot is 24 people. No previous experience or special clothing is necessary, everyone can play :)

--- Member Card ---

Also this time, each person can receive a Membercard upon request, which is already included in the ticket price (but please only if you intend to use it). With this card, you can choose your own name for playing, which helps with getting to know each other. Additionally, all your game statistics (ranking, score, accuracy, etc.) are permanently accessible online for you. Other features include collecting achievements and XP to level up in each game and creating your own profile. Such features can be great for comparison, especially after the game at the bar 😉

To start with a self-chosen player name, which will be displayed on the leaderboard during and after each round, try to arrive about 5 minutes early next time :)

The Membercard is yours to keep even after the game. Store it safely in your wallet and simply bring it with you the next time.

--- Notes on the event ---

From the operator

✔ Parking spaces with parking discs in the yard.
✔ Alcohol before the game leads to disqualification from participation. The booked place still has to be paid for.
✔ Please do not bring your own drinks - drinks are available from 50 cents.
✔ Special clothing is not necessary. If you want to change, there are changing rooms.
✔ No uniforms or disguises.
✔ Non-slip shoes. For safety and hygiene reasons, no pumps, socks, barefoot or sandals.

From the organizers

We might take photos during the event and post them on our social media channels (see "Event Announcements"). If you do not wish to be photographed, please let us know in advance. And please have your ticket ready. 🎟️

--- Ordering/Payment Instructions ---

Payment can be made via bank transfer (up to 5 days before the sales deadline) and PayPal. Please follow the payment instructions during the payment process! This way, you can completely avoid PayPal fees (Note: If your account is registered in another country, this option may not be available).

👉 Make sure to click on "Place binding order" at the end of the ordering process! 🏁

After your order, you should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Do not close the page immediately after ordering and check your emails (including the spam folder), as the ticket will also be sent to you by email after payment is received. If you haven't received an email, you can use the link at the end of the order after a few days to download your ticket.

--- Cancellation/Transfer of Tickets/Non-Participation ---

Once the payment process is complete, you can still cancel up to one week before the event starts (possibly minus PayPal fees). However, the refund may take up to two weeks. You can also transfer your ticket - please provide the name and email of the new owner to us (see "Questions and Communication").

If you are unable to attend after the cancellation period and cannot transfer your ticket, please let us know as soon as possible for organizational reasons. Thank you! 🙏

--- Questions and Communication ---

If you have any questions or would like to tell us something, send us an email at or contact the admin in one of the messenger groups mentioned in "Event Announcements."

--- Event Manager ---

Planning: Florian Murzov-Pirkl (Flo)
Organizer on site: probably Flo or Helen
Operator: Lasergame Berlin GmbH
Graphic design: AI Generated by DALL-E (edited by Flo)

--- Event Announcements ---

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Laser Tag




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Where does the event happen? Lasergame Berlin
Wilhelminenhofstraße 89
Gebäude 3
12459 Berlin

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Laser Tag 7 PM

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